Friday, February 03, 2006

This post could go two ways

One way could be all:

Stabbing at thee's heart from hell, yadda yadda. But Blogger has been good to Three Bulls and we will miss the old "fixer-upper converted ranch" that has been 3B and environs.

The time has come for the kids to put on their Huggies Pull-Ups and head for the wilds of If the mountains of Bolivian coke and/or closely held photos we have of you led you to link to us before, we encourage you to update your linky and to spread the word. Please everyone get a buddy and hop on over to the new place. We're still under the chassis pretending we know what's going on but we're really just reading SadNo! Comics down there. It would be awesome for everyone to sign in at the new place, just so we know you are OK. Even if you have decided you hate us or that we are cobags. Or that you think only cobags use the word cobag. Which would make us cobags. Does that bother you?

-The Management

PS. We actually just spied a tear in our little eye when packing up the Rolo gun.