Friday, January 06, 2006


It has begun

That's right my fellow chundermuffins, I hereby announce that I am running for NC keep-Nathan-Tabor-unelected-er from the 3B! District.

Even though I believe I've skipped over all the posts about Tabor on SadNo and World O'Crap and therefore have little to no idea who he is, I will take a break from archnemesising Judson Cox and Chuckles (chunderdouche) in order to keep Nathan Tabor out of the NC State Senate.

You can read my first campign speeches at Sadly, No!

And my first campaign promise is this: I T'AIN'T NO COBAG!!!!

The funny thing is, at first, I thought they said Tabor was running for senate for NC, and I thought, this is the guy that's going to beat Liddy Dole and Raymond, er Richard Burr?! Gimme a break.

Thank you for your support.