Monday, January 02, 2006

Wilford Brimley's Prostate-An Unindicted Coconspirator?

One thing about traveling to the heartland and being computer minus (science term) is that your reintroduction to the horrible and constantly degrading world of the world is via CNN Airport channel. I know that doesn't exist anymore, but I prefer to think of the bastardized and neutered CNN as CNN Airport channel, because it is like the Tab cola of news networks, whereas Fox is strychnine-laced Tab. Anyhoo, all the fusseroo was about the Justice Dept. opening an investigo into the NSA-story leaker. They were doing an awesome job of creating the false analogy with another leak, the Plame leak. It was enough to almost put me off my Popeyes chicken (DFW!). I said almost. Since all things leaky are apparently equivalent, Willy Brim's problem bladder best keep a low profile, because Daryn Kagan is gonna take a porfessional interest, and she is somewhat of an afficianado.