Monday, January 16, 2006

Today's Business

1. Read the Rude Pundit on religious freedom.

2. Congrats Yosef.

3. Oh my head.

4. Check out our Pitchfork troll:

Ha, ha - the best thing about Pitchfork is the way it makes morons like you go apoplectic. "They said something I disagree with about a record I like! Waaah! They are worse than Big Brother in 1984! Waaah!" Priceless - keep it coming!

Oh, and I'm sure you have actual facts to back up your assertions about the ages of Pitchfork writers, right? You wouldn't be, you know, PULLING THAT OUT OF YOUR ASS, would you? (Actually, I know just how old Rob Mitchum is, so I know the answer to that question.)
J-Money | 01.16.06 - 4:34 pm | #

Yes, let us argue about Rob Mitchum's age! That's probably relevant to the overarching point, since we weren't complaining about the review scores at all, sorry our point was too subtle! J-Money, you probably do know how old Rob is, from counting the rings around his *******!