Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh the Boredom

I am feeling lackamalaisical. Gregor has gone to Ethiopia. Yosef is otherwise stirring up crap on Seahawks' blogs. I tried to get someone to put up some Seattle crap vs. some Carolina crap, but we'll see. I don't think anyone really wants to tussle with some dude named Yosef. The cobags of the world have gone forth and lo, do they multiply. Someone parking their gargantuan hosebeast SUV in a compact spot while talking on the phone loudly listening to their coPod while making sweet love to their ice cream cone could not constantly degrade me more than my general feeling of degradation right now. Its kind of like when Scott McLellan opens his mouth and you are forced to listen.

You might as well spend a little effort on a little clicky and see the Rev. Schmitt being thoughtful about some loafmuffin's internet pollution. The at-least-trying-but-wrong respondos here. I only point it out because I wish more debates could be like this and not the flame war variety, where the cobags drag you down with their idiocy and constant degradation, and claim you do the same.

I can't even get up enough juice to give SeanS the old Three Bulls! treatment. Sigh.

Well, the cameroni did come today, I guess I should start working on MGT. But nobody wants to see that, do they?