Thursday, January 12, 2006

Irony Continues to Have No Pulse

Chazmo, everyone's favorite paranoid shroom-head let's us know that irony continues to be lifeless. Here's Chazzie quoting MICHAEL FUMENTO, who is not even the poor man's version of himself (here's the Deltoid file on Fumento), talking about James Wolcott who called LGF a Nuremburg rally of some sort. Our post here does not really explain much of anything, but if you are in the know about all of these individuals you would find it EXQUISITELY amusing. To bring in down to the level of Three Bulls!, Chazmundo has been listening to Beck, Suzy Boguss and Steely Dan, although the latter is actually expected due to possibly the worlds largest PCP-laced spliff Chaz shared with Becker and Fagen while checking out long-necked fretless Fenders on the Strip back in the day, so irony's pulse went ba-bump, it was a push with Suzy Boguss, and it flatlined with Beck's "Jack-Ass" only to further flatline with some Streets' tunes.

UPDATE! Fumento takes it in his lantern jaw, also he kind of looks like Herb Tarlek! WOLCOTT