Tuesday, January 03, 2006

If I May Put One Leg Into Serious Pants

I would like to suggest yet another reason why certain pro-NSA rifling through your life arguments are lacking, but why many Americans find it somehow palatable. I suggest it is the Napster syndrome and directly related to the level of perceived invasiveness. Additionally, it is related to the perception of the perpetrator being an impersonal and supposedly unbiased and objective computer.

Napster allowed millions to break the law effortlessly, therefore they did so, all the while making arguments about the new world, etc. etc. At some level it turned out to be a sort of electronic Boston Tea Party, forcing a paradigm shift in music sales and delivery.

Problem is, the government isn't allowed to disregard its own laws in order to protest or force the hand of allegedly outdated statutes, at least in a democracy that is governmed by actual laws.

In the case of the NSA skullduggery, the push of a button mentality surrounding the nature of the technology allows many to consider it the world's most frictionless lube. If you don't know you have been molested, were you? The crime is the same, the mechanism has changed and the crime burns less calories to commit, but it is fundamentally the same crime. Guess what? Still illegal. Now, if the American Public only had as much power as Metallica once did.