Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dean Esmay Slashfic Requests Taken Here

Let's go through this kids. Deano the Meano regularly calls for people to be summarily executed, and denies HIV causes AIDS. (Orac on this HIV crap here and here). So Dean says a bunch of absolute shit (I think his anus is where his mouth is, which is why you'll see him sitting on perfectly good food). The S,N! boys, Gavin and Brad, call him on his, what truly is regular behavior, ridiculousness by satirizing exactly what it is thet he's doing. Gavin sends Dean and e-mail concurrently stating that Sadly, No Inc only takes the post so seriously, and that offline precautions are taken to only go so far and keep relations cordial. Something Three Bulls! has done with Seth and the Commissar at Politburo Diktat, during some heated moments. And how does Deano take it? He completely loses his sh*t, showing that no depths of hypocricy remain to be plumbed in his ocean of ineptitude. We open the floor to your Dean Esmay favorites. Here's Gavmo's respondo.

Let's examine the Deaniacs comments:

Here's legal scholar and gun nut Willem:
The situation you describe is relatively arcane, and interstate. There's likely some federal criminal component to it. Start with a good criminal lawyer who has a good sense of interplay between the state and federal systems. You could encounter a lot of indifference and resistance from the authorities due to the complexities and potential expense involved. Too often it is deemed more frugal overall to wait as a matter of policy, and not get involved until a more compelling crime has been committed. Sounds like a good time to clean the 12 gauge, stock up on the 00 Buck and take a few trips to the range with that 1911.

And what is that gun for, dumbass cobag? Oh for an implied death threat in response to a stated satiric death threat that was in response to an honest to god call for summary execution? Awesome.

Seawitch is on the case too:
I would contact the Michigan authorities first and see what they advise. Word of advice someone gave to me before Hurricane Katrina struck, keep your head down and your ammo dry.
Thanks, genius! I love to know what you do, because your authoritah is clearly respectedm in fact you could probably win any and all arguments merely by expressing such authority.

Here's a possibly cursed by G*d loafwagon, OCSteve.

“Honor the Threat” is my advice. The origins of the quote are naval aviation I believe.

“view each potential hazard as a living breathing threat”

Chances are it is some pimple faced creepy kid. But why take chances? The cops can get his identity from Verizon.

He obviously wanted to be 100% sure you saw it. Take the punk at his word.

Shorter cobag: "Take this dude at his word" but which word, Steve, which word????? The "word" posted on a satirical website, or the "word" communicated in a personal e-mail??? More shorter Steve: "I think these words make me sound smart, they clearly don't. You win some, you lose some, in my case I tend to lose more than I win."

And to take the cake, the monumental incompetence cake, is Messr. Eric B. Ashley:
Good grief, reality surpasses fiction. In my novel, DoaB, I imagined a moonbat trying to kill bloggers, but my villain was content to murder the bloggers themselves. Stalinist show trials for you, and your family...the madness goes even deeper than I could imagine.

My worry is that most of these are just hot air which is nerve-wracking enough, but even more the one in a hundred who is serious.

I'd report this to the blogger protection group that writes on blogger's being threatened in other nations. And it might be a good thing to have a 'Free Speech Doesn't Mean Death Threats' button like the 'Regime Change Iran' button and so forth
Dear Eric, your comment illustrates your cobaggery as fact, this is not ad hominem as your words support such a conclusion. Three Bulls! invite you to EAT IT COBAG!!12!11!

The rest of the comments are a bunch of "go to the authorities/practice your target shooting". Well, their targets merely consisted of sheets of paper saying "this paper represents irony".