Saturday, January 07, 2006


The term "legal action" was used by Gavin to describe your contacting the authorities, you used the term "lawsuit". WE, however, used the term libel because we accused you of f****** a hole in the ground...ON THE MOON!!!!!!

Sheesh, for somebody really serious, you just *shrug* off the threat? LET'S GO TO THE TAPE:
See, the thing is, all McNett has to do here is acknowledge that he was over the top and went grossly past the bounds of good tastes. Then we might have had something to talk about.

Instead he makes up fantasies about how I threatened to sue (never happened--there's nothing to sue over) and then denies he said some of the things he did (which is why I saved copies and posted them here).

I assume the incident is over and that we'll hear no more about this. If something more happens, the cops have a record. [shrug]

Hmmm. Since you are Mr. Nonchalant, seems like you could have handled the whole thing over e-mail, couldn't you? But you didn't. Shrugging off threats to your family like that? I thought you cared! I will say that I hope Wolcott isn't going to wade into this, but it seems like he might.