Thursday, January 05, 2006

Crazy Pooper Shooter-On Time!

We are going the crazy route, since Uncanny has , below, dealt with wonderful tunes, except possibly the Architecture in Helsinki. We programmed Last-Fm with groups similar to Neu!, Can, Faust and threw in some Velvet Underground and Stooges into the mix. Krautrock and proto-punk (a big whole in our musical knowledge)

1. The Pop Group- 3:48
Sounds Krautrocky, jammy but in a tight groove with some noise and manipulation behind it. Classicly Krauty- precursor to electronic and dance music but with instruments. 6/10

2. Cluster-Rotor
Electronic and repetitive, sounds minimalist and possibly old- only dated by its simplicity. Just not enough here. 3/10

3. Capt. Beefheart and His Magic Band-Well Well Well
Interesting marimba/zylophone stop start type thing? Could be a precursor to glitch. Some fuzz in the background. What does this sound like? Hmm, I know Beefheart is supposed to be a groundbreaker- this is provocative. 7/10

4. Suicide-Holy Skips
The Suicide I like is the very fuzzy, less electronic one from their first album, where the crappy beatbox is not so noticeable, only because of the haunting farfisa organ that grounds the whole enterprise. The first album is incredibly creepy, whereas this has the porduction values of a David GRay album. These guys are really influential, this is not one of their best. 2/10

5. Charlie Feathers-Too Much Alike
Sounds like super old Elvis and country. Very influential with those Sun guys from back in the day. 8/10

6. Bob Dylan-Things Have Changed
I think I should probably get more into Dylan. This track is overporduced- not overly slick but to clean. I don't think it helps. The accompaniment seems like just add water instant Dylan backing band. 6/10

7. Faust-Drone Organ
Seriously that is what this song is. UC would hate this song. I am bathing in warm, embracing waves of organy goodness. This is pretty cool. German K-rock band from the early 70s but I guess active through latter times.

8. Lou Reed-Kill Your Sons
From Sally Can't Dance. Some David Gilmouresque dithering thinly through some other stuff, also thin, and just a less than compelling bassline in the fore. Where the production makes you annoyed to the point that you can't really hear the song. 4/10

9. Ash Ra Tempel-L'hiver Doux
Some proto-electronic music that should really be in an oddly affecting, poorly produced 70s sci-fi movie and/or Doctor Who circa 1981. 7/10

10. Velvet Underground-Head Held High
I can't ever reject hand claps. Actually sounds a little like live Wilco in rocking retro mode. 9/10


11. Neu!-Sonderangerbot
Like distant jets approaching. Just some ambient spacy noise. Probably designed for the planetarium. And ntohing ever changes. C'mon guys, I know you are better than this. 0/10

12. Brian Eno-The Dance #3
Some "ambient" thing. Of course it is OK, but it is making me sleepy. 6/10

Ok, what did we learn kids? Not much. We definitely didn't get the hits today, that is for sure.