Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cobag U.

"Hi, my name is tree Treacherously Poised Over Pedestrian Walkway Blown Over By Storm DECEMBER 29th (TPOPWBOBS). I'm on the campus that brought you Condoleeza Rice. What are the odds I will be removed in a timely fashion. Oh, by the way, what day is it?"


In other news, whose up for BLOGGING MAN!!!!! I would give a billion gummi bears to someone if they could slip in a fake bio of Pammie on this page.
Let's be serious por uno momento. We really really need suggestions for casting the role of Pammie in MGT. Airbushing clothes on a naked Bratz doll is out. Something more symbolic is what we are looking for. We have two nominations so far:

1) CG says barbie with Smokey turd head. Seems unsanitary.

2) PP says hole in the ground. Possibly hard to represent with limited set budget.