Monday, January 09, 2006

3B! Will be Fuzzy Bunnies from now on

Via Dr. McShutup we find that it is now a federal crime to anonymously annoy people over the internets.

What is annoying? Well, I think I will compile a quick list of things that anonymously annoy me on the internets:

1. People who say "Frist!" when they leave the first comment on Eschaton.

2. People who make up stupid imperial-like nicknames for themselves to run a site where they can call people splodie-odies.

3. Jackasses from NC who try to run for state senate based on being a jackass.

4. Jackasses from NC who think they can start the most widely read conservative newspaper.

5. UNC. Anything that has anything to do with UNC, baby blue, Carolina fans, Dean Smith, or Roy Williams.

6. University of South Carolina fans and alumni who wish to constantly degrade themselves by calling themselves "Carolina."

7. The Chicago Bears.

8. People who do nothing but post photos of Kitty Kats.

9. People with too many ads, photos, banners, etc. on their blogs.

10. People whose name start with "r" and ends with "es publica" who post too many photos of naked guys on their site for me to read their unbelieveably good writing at work.

11. People who call for the interment of an entire race.

12. People who spy on domestic communications without a warrant.

13. People who leak names of undercover CIA agents for a vendetta.

14. People who leak names of undercover CIA agents for a regatta.

15. People who do not recognize the musical genius of Hanson.

16. People who think anyone but themselves should be fighting pre-emptive wars of aggression.

17. People who think the president should have supreme power and not be held liable under any laws ever.

And the list goes on. While I admit that not all of these are currently done anonymously, I encourage the feds to keep their eyes open for this type of conduct (with a warrant of course) and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. You may start with item # 12 on my list.

And in an effort to comply fully with the law, I propose that 3Bulls! be a blog about nothing besides fuzzy bunnies. (Bunnies aren't annoying, only kitties.)

(Oh, and people who refer to rabbits and cats as bunnies and kitties. Oops!)