Friday, January 20, 2006

12 Seahawks Street

Crap, I don't think I can keep up arch-nemesising these metacobags. I'm having so much fun! They are freaking hilarious, too! (Except for the fact that they think cobag is not a good insult while using the tired old cliche stereotype of us country bumpkins is downright AWESOME!!!!1!)

Witness exhibit a:

In a post about the infamous Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders, alba notes that although the squad is called the TopCats, at least one of these 2 should be a Bottomcat.

You add this to Bluefoot's comments here, you can't deny the awesomitude of these guys.

Even if they are wrong about the game this Sunday: Panthers 27 - Seahawks 21

[added: 3B! is 12 Seahawks Street's enemy blog of the week! Finally, some real recognition!]