Friday, December 09, 2005

Weblog Awards Redux

Six Meat Buffet. Honestly, I voted for them five times for that name alone. I mean, a buffet based on pork, bacon, back ribs, ham, carnitas and sausage, sign Three Bulls! up and we'll declare a holiday. Let's see what my vote got me:

Some minor gay-bashing and a Chappaquidick photoshop gag. CHAP-PA-QUI-DICK. That's Fresh!

Also, we merely alert AG to this. We step back and let the fur fly.

F***, now I know why Yosef called in dead on this job. He probably stabbed himself in the head with his Yoplait spoon. AG, please don't let him get away with that stuff, bring all batteries to bear.

UPDATE: CAPT TROLLYPANTS STEPS in, apparently Six Meat Buffet's casual racism is backed up by deleting of comments, and CT adds: hey, f***wagons, you want to know what p*ssy tastes like? Lick your face, c*ckwads.

Well, that's one person's opinion.