Thursday, December 08, 2005

Weblog Awards Redux

Three Bulls! continues to bust a gut and involuntarily fill our cobag with corn as we wend our way through the Weblog Awards Nominations for Best Humor Blog. I would submit to you Dear Reader, that as bad as Three Bulls! tries to make blogs look, nothing, barring Pajamas Media, makes blogs look as stupid or pedestrian as this list of "humor" blogs. Case in point: if your cartoon's idol of sanity/straight man is John Bolton, and your little article is a "heh, indeed" of LGF, you just plain suck. Cox and Forkum, you are right out. Hog on Ice, you remain in the lead, we are serious. You have made us laugh. You think we're not serious, but we are. Dear Fraulein midget porn remains in lead.