Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Uh Oh, The Unceasing River of Bullsh*t Has Jumped It's Banks

Check out TBogg. And read the comments. Then check out this chumpwad.

Longer, more accurate The Commissar: "I will use the analogy of TBogg snarking about some stupid [possibly delicious -ed.] cake as a way to indict The Left for stupidity and suggest therein lies the core of Progressive defects and the delicious cake was merely a diabolical trap to with which to prick stupid lefties. Also, I have a tiny, microscopic wiener and I masturbate to "dueling banjos" [grossssss! -ed.].

Also, The Left† hates gun cake* even more than they hate guns and cake alone. Also, mom and apple pie."

†let's see if this shows up in Norbiz's autopost.

*Uncanny probably loves gun cake.