Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So These Cats Do Mean and Funny and Offensive. What's Their Secret???

So via some sort of relationship to the awesome horse-haters blog, we got a commenteroni from this individual, who also has this blog. So mean, so funny. You know we try to be nice at Three Bulls! but we also recognize when other people make completely offensive and demented efforts. "Hi, I am a completely insane yet highly-functioning autistic graphic designer type, and this is my amazing looking blog that would disturb large swaths of American Public, especially Geenie C. and other sensitive flowers. Adorable Girlfriend will love me. No munchwagons, please. Also, I am like Maddox with computer skills" No seriously, I don't think you want to click on this, it's really quite offensive. I'm telling you not to click. Don't do it. We don't endorse this humor, we merely marvel at the effort. Seriously, some stuff is hilarious, but some stuff is indefensible. You clicked, didn't you?