Tuesday, December 06, 2005

OK, Toolbars and Assorted Puddle Jumpers

We are taking nominations for the WEBLOG AWARDS. These will be voted upon by our select committee. The categories are secret, and the contest designed to recognize excellence* in certain aspects of bloggery and cobloggery. These awards are not run by chumpwagons where the voting will solely be determined by a site's traffic, nor by whether the douchey blog is listed at some cobwad dunderclumps "What Does a Bear Do in The Woods" blog blog. Nominations can be sent to 3bulls at gmail dot com. You are allowed to vote for commenters at large blogs, i.e. Atlas Shrugs at LGF but NOT Atlas Shrugs at Atlas Shrugs (too much traffic).

We will also be examining nominees for Best Humorous Blog in from the other Weblog Awards, wherein Three Bulls! got shafted.

Winners will receive:
Remember, nominations at 3bulls at gmail dot com and remember to include a category.