Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Love for Norbiz

Usually comes from his finely crafted yet rare comments on others' web pages, of course that does not denigrate his superb qualities. He just dropped this line at Chez Norby:

(5) She's As Beautiful As a Foot (Blue Oyster Cult): They are a really, really strange band. This sounds like The Doors if Jim Morrison managed to get his graduate degree in Shitty Poetry. 3/10. I suppose I should explain that. I assume that Jim Morrison was an autodidact when it came to his shitty poetry.
There's a fine line between clever and stupid, and we gaze upon El Norbo from the wrong side of the line. Hats off and all that. Three Bulls! would have like a million of your babies.

UPDATE. What a cobag am I. Post about Le Norb and no linky. Bad Pinko. Bad Pinko. Bad Pinko. Bad Pinko.