Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's a Traveshamockery!*

So via Sadly, Light Colored Format we see that there is something called the Weblog Awards. Guess who's not been nominated in any category, even Best Law Blog? 3B!, that's who! (oh yeah, and none of our friend-blogs that we link to on the right so you should check them out blah blah blah blahbitty blah blah blah.) S,N! got nominated, so why not 3B!? We're obviously more worthy of a nomination. Need proof? Check it:

FACT: 3B! is staffed by world class scientists who are smart 'n' stuff. We even take time out of busy schedules of drawing diagrams of the cellular structure on differential equations while shooting X-RAYS at crystals in the Puget Sound while blindfolded in order to post informative and important posts about our changing world and real solutions to how to fix what ails it.

FACT: 3B! is the only place on all of the internets where you can get news about the biggest names in entertainment such as Pat Sajak, Ric Flair, Oscar Bluth, and MomH; about the daring adventures of PupH, Kitty Kattwood, and the mice, rats and ants who play such an important role in our lives; about Arrested Development; and about the TRUTH behind the fact that there are only 3 people on all of the internets!

FACT: 3B! is the only site on all of the internets that has links to Delicious or Disgusting and SotD!

FACT: 3B! is the only place on the internets where you can get your fill of MGT (even if it is on hiatus!)

FACT: 3B! has the best commenters on the internets. It also has res as a commenter!

FACT: 3B! is the only site on the internets willing to engage in meaningful discourse with commenters who obviously view things from the other end of the spectrum, such as Capt. Trollypants, F.M. Asshat, Sgt. Drollpanties, and the esteemable Maj. Shortsniffer!

FACT: 3B! is as serious as a heart attack! All posts here are only on subjects that matter. Nothing is a throwaway or non-topical or done for the sake of doing it!

FACT: 3B! thorws the bitchin'est parties, yet is kind enough to watch its language!

It is with this evidence that I humbly propose that all Weblog contests be hereby eradicated as we can clearly see that 3Bulls! is the best blog ever conceived by mankind. Either that or we can start our own awards and not include any of the other mean people who won't nominate us for anything.

*Line from the best beer commercial ever.