Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm not here to criticize or praise.

Next we take a look at the Very Unique Hog on Ice.

Steve H. is the proprietor of this site, and once again, I almost got very upset with it right after reading his second post:

Killing the Competition
I Like Me. I REALLY Like Me

Breaking news: Hog on Ice is WAY out in front in the 2005 competition for Best Blog Since the Dawn of Creation! I'm steamrolling the also-rans with a grand total of ONE vote!

In case you forgot to vote earlier, here is the list of nominees again.

1. Hog on Ice

Write-in votes will be deleted with extreme prejudice.

Here's what the critics say about Hog on Ice:

"The greatest invention since the beer bong." -- Steve H., Hog on Ice

"Better than sex. Good sex, not the crappy kind I've always had." -- Steve H., Hog on Ice

"I worship Steve and want to have his babies." -- Steve H., Hog on Ice

God, this is exciting. I've never won anything before. Except those times when I fooled carnival weight-guessers by taking helium through an enema nozzle.

Yeah, pretty bad, right? But I think sometimes we should all take a look within, and realize that a certain member of 3B! might at some point in time write a post about how 3B! is the best blog ever, and give some idiotic, mostly made up reasons why. I'm not going to name names here, and it will probably never happen, but it's always a possibility.

So I decided to read on in a more objective manner. And then it struck me. Like a diamond. Like a diamond bullet right in my forehead. If 3B! was a lame enough to get nominated for an award for Best Humor/Comics Blog, and if 3B! were more right leaning, we would be Hog on Ice.

This guy is a scam-baiter and a spam-baiter, and, frankly, there are few higher callings in this world. Steve H. even has a name that would make one suspect that he is possibly an alter ego of a 3Bull! (H = Samsa? THYCWOTI reports, you decide.)

Anyway, I'm going to have to break my pissed-offness and say that this blog deserves attention - or else it would deserve attention had it not been nominated for the dumbest awards this side of the others we won't get nominated for.

So Steve H. here's to you for being funnier than Day by Day and Beautiful Atrocities. Don't let anyone say that's not an accomplishment.

Oh wait, it's not an accomplishment. My pinky toe is funnier than those 2 site. Anyway, it's not bad. Needs the number 3 in the name somewhere though.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention - he makes fun of PJ Media. He's alright in my book.