Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm Not Here to Criticize, But to Praise!

I just want to say when humor is like Fido trying to crap after eating a 3lb bag of cashews, while it might be good for a laugh, there is something how shall we say, forced about the whole sitch. Clearly, this is not the case about Beautiful Atrocities. Led by the delightfully inscouciant Jeff. No, not Jeff Goldstein of competitor Protein Wisdom, silly bear. Anyhoo, nothing could be farther OR further from a poor constipated pup trying to poop marbles than this.

First off, we have an amusing discourse about famous ladies named Jen, complete with measurements, of course they're all bimbos, I mean they are ladies named Jen, aren't they? A hysterical thesis, delivered with witty ripaste. To the bone, cutting, slicing, dicing. The Iron Chef of humor. I think it is clearly obvious who the frontrunner in this competition should be, notwithstanding the oh so dry Day by Day, apparently not to Yosef's proletarian tastes. Those of us with a more decadent palate, of course savor such sophisticated offerings as a Cindy Sheehan/Ron Jeremy WWE wrestling team. It is a testament to Jeff's feverish humor mill that he can continually find purchase for his seeds of funny in such overfarmed material such as Streisand and Sheehan. The ridiculousness for ridiculousness' sake is truly vector directed, straight at my funny bone.
We raise a glass of nicely chilled Riunite to Beautiful Atrocities! Salud, cobag, we invite you to eat with this happy toast!