Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Poopin' and Shootin'

Trying the Last-FM again. We programmed the first round with Big Star, power poppers led by Alex Chilton.

1. Brand New Love-Sebadoh
From Smash Your Head Against the Punk Rock, one of their early ones, a very DIY sounding nice little Lou Barlow tune that gets all crazy at the end. Is it really liek this? It sounded sped up then slowed down then thrashy. Maybe it was them 6/10. Not sucky Sebadoh, just not great.

2. A New Kind of Water-This Heat
SUPER FREAKY at the beginning like it's some lost Yoko Ono track. Then it gets more interesting, a little dirgelike with some chanty-spacey vocals. Who the hell are these guys? This is from a live album. 8/10

3. Jenny-American Music Club
Very mellow, Nick Drakey almost, but a little different, but with delicate guitar. I never bought any of their albums. This is pleasant. One little part barely reminds me of the Beatles "Blue Jay Way" but only a snippet of melody. 7/10

4. Instrumental-The Microphonee
The guitar from the last one flows right into this instrumental, but then saloon piano and snaps finish it. Very short but nice. 7/10

5. Portugal Tour-The Fall
Some spoken word stuff over a punky stomp. The Fall can never be characterized. Funny thing, the spoken word stuff sounds like the Streets and it's just some guy reading some of what sounds like a disciplinary hearing regarding the band and the crew. Pretty hilarious. 8/10

Now programmed with Inspiral Carpets! YEAH!

6. Foster's Van-The Boo Radleys
OK, you can hear the shoegaze on this one. This one reminds more of Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine than say, Ride. Spacy, has that trebly feel, not aggressive, more of a soundscape. We love the shoegaze. 8/10

7. Ko-ala Ko-ordination-Zabrinski
Awesome, I just found someone else Kasabian has ripped off. I can't explain this. It's pretty good. These kids are Welsh and this track is bleepy and psychedelic. 7.5/10

8. Rain Whistling-James
The kind of interlude track you might skip on an album, but works well with this mix, partially because it almost feels like an outro of the last track. Feels more spacy than anything I remember from the band responsible for "Sit Down" and "Laid" of course we like the horn bit and yodeling from "Born in Frustration". 7/10

9. Wide to Receive-Morrissey
From Maladjusted. While I love Smiths/Moz, I don't have a lot of his albums, and the ones I gravitate to are the ones that sound either Smiths-ish and this veers away and is down tempo with very understated guitars. Moz goes through the motions. Then what can only be disingenuous flute comes on. 5/10

10. Time of Her Time-Ride
From Going Blank Again, I really should have this CD, somehow I don't. Even though they can get a little old, good old Ride. Somehow I own their last one Tarantula and not this. This song isn't "Twisterella" or "Taste" but it's good. 7/10

Now programmed with Mark Lanegan (formerly of Screaming Trees)

11. Drawing Flies-Soundgarden
People somehow hooked Soundgarden and Pearl Jam into grunge. They were not grunge, they were classic rock. This song actually has great horns on it, and as much as I want to hate Chris Cornell, this song is pretty good, or course as hipsters we must call this a guilty pleasure. 7/10

12. Superfrown-Fatso Jenson
Fatso has some Mountain records, that is most certain. Heavy electric slide guitar with some harmonica. I'm not diggin on the lyrics but I don't think they're the point. A little bit repetitive, but nice and heavy sounding 7/10

13. Fields of Diamonds-Johnny Cash
The man remains a towering figure. 8/10

We'll switch to Megadeth for the last batch to change it up.

14. Path, Vol. 2-Apocalyptica
YEAH, orchestral metal! Metal always wanted to sound like an orchestra so now they take an orchestra and play metal. AWESOME! Skip. 0/10

15. Face in the Sand-Iron Maiden
Wow, newish Iron Maiden from Dance of Death. There are three lead guitarists in this version of Maiden. A building intro, someone is hitting harmonics like crazy and it winds up with the heavy synth backing. Then it really starts to go, Steve Harris is going crazy, driving the song with his bass alone. Then Bruce shows up. His voice is pretty shot. I'm just waiting for the solo(s), so far there haven't been any hooks. Aces High this is not. This song really sounds like an album opener. Kicked in the Face says this is the most boring song on the album. Woops my hand slipped onto the skip button. 5/10

16. Bad Apples-Guns and Roses
These guys are a trashy Sunset Strip bar band, that's it. Basically the Stones filtered through Aerosmith on stanazolol. OK, but the squonky interlude and the tinkly piano kind of just seem really fake. Where are the Exile-era horns? Come on, guys. Slash doesn't seem half-bad. 6/10


17. Bed of Nails-Children of Bodom
I want to say zero on priciple. But it's Death Metal voices over an Alice Cooper sounding track. I need to find out if this is a cover. Ha ha, that's pure gold. It is an Alice Cooper track. 0/10