Friday, December 02, 2005

Do You Ever Get a Bee in Your Bonnet?

...and think the internet can help you find something that you remember snippets of, like a band or a song, but really have no way of knowing how to figure it out? I randomly remembered a band earlier in the week, from maybe 1990, 1991 form the UK. Knew they had two songs that got played on the radio. Remembered the band as sub-Chapterhouse baggy/shoegaze. Remembered what the CD singles looked like. That's it. Knew the band name was one word. Knew I liked the second single better than the first. It was bugging the crap out of me the other day. It is like a memory test, trying to hang onto all these disparate factoids and feeling your age, feeling things slip. Last-FM just played that band's second single. UNBELIEVABLE. The band was...any guesses? Look around commenters' nics. Name the song. I think pop ren and Seitz have a chance.

Also, this other thing: anyone remember a Xevious/1942- like shoot 'em up scrolling video game in space? That was bugging me like crazy. I only played that game once.