Monday, December 12, 2005

Derring Do on the Internet?

Looks like a fulminating liberal Frenchy Penn St. elitis Prof. has just sacked up and pulled a fast one. Michael Berube, mentioned below, has hack-attacked the Sadlies (nice security Seb- everyone knows the password is Absorbshun). Although Mikey B's OWN blog looks mightily suspicious (i.e. more opaque and non-sensical than usual). So non-sensical in fact, do I detect the sticky yet buttery fingers of Gavin M. on that page?

This is ballsy by Berube. More importantly, I agree with him- third place Bay has to pay and stay in third. Throw some love to Berube in the Weblog Awards. I can't wait to see Gavin's burgundy face and steam-lines whistling out of his ears. TAKE THAT MR. P-38 LIGHTNING COBAG!!!!!!