Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Arrested Development Gag Challenge!

This thread is solely for your fave Arrested Development gag. You have only one line per post to describe the gag. This is not an "in crowd" thing if you haven't seen it, it's just going to whet your appetite to actually see it. We will save this thread for posterity. I urge lurkers to post. We are shooting for 150 comments here. Spread the word. I will start us off. Jedmunds dissects the latest ep here, although I think he and I will laugh harder the second time through.

UPDATE- 69 cobagarolleroos!

DOUBLE UPDATE- keep going kidz!

TRIPLE UPDATE- not as lame as last week, but not funny so much either. Still a marginal improvement. List your comment number, halocrap doesn't like to keep tabs after awhile, as soon as it goes to archive, the number goes wah wah.

Quadruple Update!!!111!!!- It's getting hilarious again!!! Start putting your comments on, remember to give comment number cuz Haloscan doesn't remember. I hate Rita but I love moles!

Oh, don't think you're still not so grounded. I expected apologies to ponies, Little Smokey, MomH, The Editors, and essentially all sundry and assorted life forms, and it's not looking good. Judge Judy is going to get sloppy on y'all.

Even more update for yous losers.