Thursday, November 10, 2005

You Guys are So Grounded

Thanks to GS and Yo' for holding down the fort. More tomorrow. Got in super late. You probably would have gotten away with your shenanigans, but a little known Blogger known as THE EDITORS stopped by. Yeah, The Poor Man, Inc. threw Three Bulls! Ltd. a pony. And that pony apperently was ******zed and ******ed while you guys were trying to out Caligula each other. It's not that I'm mad, I could never be mad at those I love. It's really the disappointment and the loss of trust. I want you to go to your rooms to think about what you have done. Consider this an open thread of contrition. Punishments tomorrow. Later in the week: Jonah Goldberg Music Video Storyboard. New Songs of the Day and Delicouses and Disgustings. And maybe a Celebrity Dream Cameo. Goodnight naughty ones!