Sunday, November 13, 2005

Uhh, Even When Unfunny People Lose Their Minds And Attack People You Hate

...they remain unfunny. Obviously, most of you have been following the Pajamas Media AWESOMENESS. Wherein a bunch of guys who would normally have mail-order MBAs at a minimum if they hadn't accidently found some sort of alternate success in life, even if it only be random internet success like our pal Chazmo (LGF) and Insty (Instapundit), perpetrate a train wreck of epic proportions. As you have been schooled at your 3 hour leadership seminar at The Poor Man Institute about the goings on of Dennis the Peasant. Mr. "I thought it was a great idea when I was involved" goes all sourpuss when he gets the chemical light up the muppet hole to beat it from PJs media. The situation is of course hilarious, as he is a thorn in the side of Chazmo and R. L. Simon.

What is even more shocking is how unfunny his material actually is. Check out his "Lingerie Media" series, where he invents a fake alternate equally train-wreck like company for assorted liberals. It's as if he is imagining how he might place his lowly mental image of certain lefties he must hate into the reality of righties he must hate, if not for their ideas but for their actions.

Here's Kevin Drum:
Kevin Drum runs the justly famous and popular Political Animal blog out of his home in Orange County, California.

Kevin Drum – Howdy. I’m Kevin.


I’m Kevin.

You should read what I write. That’s because I write about stuff that you have to be real smart to know about. Real smart.

I’m Kevin.

Things like Social Security. You have to be real smart to write about Social Security. That’s because it has a lot of stuff in it. Lots of real hard stuff. Stuff like actuarial science, governmental accounting, finance and fiscal policy.

I’m Kevin.

And I learned all that stuff. Not at school, though. I learned journalism in school. I learned actuarial science, governmental accounting, finance and fiscal policy from Matt Yglesias over the phone. Matt learned it studying philosophy at Harvard. The parts he didn’t know I learned from Josh Marshall. He learned it getting a Ph.D. in history.

I’m Kevin.

I would have learned it from Brad DeLong, but he was always eating donuts so I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Anyway, you should come to my site and get smart. Like me. And if your head starts hurting, send me an email and I’ll just put up photos of my cat.

Bye now.

I’m Kevin.
I didn't think satire could be as astute or sophisticated as that, until....

Madonna runs the justly famous and popular Do As I Say blog out of her home in the South of England.

Madonna – I’m Worried About Your Morals

Now that I’m 40-something, musically passé, and unable to con anyone, not even my husband, that I can act, I think it is appropriate that I do the middle-aged thing by developing a deep concern for the moral fiber of our country and our youth. Now I understand that some of you might have noted that I’ve made a couple of hundred million selling sex over the past two decades, but let me assure you... That was then. This is now.

Then, when faced with a fork in the road career-wise, I did what I had to do; I sold sex. In the ‘80s I was the Teen Slut Next Door, so it didn’t matter that couldn’t sing to save my life and danced like a Clydesdale. And when that stopped working, I published metal books of myself in the alltogether with chapters entitled “I Love My Pussy.” That took me through the ‘90s. But now it is 2005 and I'm willing to face facts: It’s all over. What isn't sagging is bagging. Now the only guys who get a woody from my act wear Jade East cologne and bad toupees. That may keep Cher going, but it doesn’t do anything for me.

So, given my options, I’ve decided to take up religion and the thankless task of worrying about your morals. I can afford to that sort of thing, and do it in the sort of luxury you can't even imagine. So remember: You shouldn’t be fascinated by sex... It’s not good for you. Or your children. And I can say that in all seriousness. I really do want to forgo the pleasures of manufactured, mass-marketed sex. It’s Immoral.

Believe me on this one... I've done the research.

Listen, my head is spinning too, but he's using a fake Pajamas Media paradigm to satirize a bunch of lefties who would never consider such inanity. "What if my fake idea of some real and some fake liberal bloggers were as moronic as real conservative ones?" Maybe this would be awesome for a NEVERENDING SERIES OF CRAP. If he couldn't draw it would be Mallard Fillmore. Take the award, it's yours, probably for the next 80 weeks. You really are a cobag, Dennis.
The Golden Onion Wiener is our mistake. We thought we were ordering Golden Kip Wingers, as a homage to TPMIFFDAAP.