Saturday, November 26, 2005

Three Bulls! Declares War on Vox Day

Posted in comments at Vox Popoli:

""Date rape" is nothing but post-sex buyer's remorse. Male victims refer to it as "beer goggles" or "slumming".
VD | 11.25.05 - 10:47 am | #"

Why does Vox hate women so much? I would hate to slur gay men by claiming that Vox is nothing more than an overcompensating gay man, and I wouldn't ever use that as an insult. In this case, he would be insulted but it is merely Three Bulls! searching for an explanation of clearly pathological behavior. Can somebody please tell us wtb is going on with this guy?

Is it an apologia for an uncontrolable libido? Do these dudes think that they can't control themselves, and that their natural feelings are being criminalized? Huh, these are the same cobwads that gay-bash and blame fat people for being fat. But when it comes to their little stiffies, well how could they be held responsible for their urges? They are only natural, right? Cobaggery of an incomparable level.

Jamie R., how could you?