Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I don't know if there have been a lot of college weeks, or if the computers don't hook up to the interwebs when filming the specials at beautiful Universal Studios Orlando, but I'm worried. My hero and idol (would be mentor if I had ever learned anything from him) who I refer to as THOCWOTI has not posted for over 4 months! I bet it has something to do with that vile vixen Vanna parading her uncouth scantily-clad-in-a-prom-dress luscious milf body around the soundstage that has somehow caused him to abandon his duties to opening the eyes of the masses to the true evil that is the DUMB-ocratic party and other assorted lefties and liberals. That evil bitch! Probably a bunch of Hollywood producers have shut down his free speech. I hope he goes all ad hominem, et cetera on those useful idiots while attacking (through his eloquently chosen words) their non-sequitur fake-ass liberal elitist bubbles and soon too!

Yes, thycwoti is a Wheel Watcher!