Monday, November 21, 2005

Test: Almond Joy Degrades My Nuts

Phony GOP Iraq Withdrawal Bill

My advice to the Democrats: 1) enter into the floor debate and offer amendments that support Muthra's true intent - immediately beginning withdrawal (not immediate withdrawal); 2) when the amendments fail abstain from voting; 3) accuse the Republic party of playing politics with our troops lives; and 4) run against the Republic party stooges by saying they voted against withdrawing our troops from Iraq.

UPDATE: Woops! Ha! Ha! I thought this was Daily Kos for a second. Nevermind!

UPDATE 2: Edited to add picture of Almond Joy and Boobie! Hey what's that logo in the background of the Almond Joy picture? WTH?!?! OSM is EVERYWHERE!!!!

EXTREMELY RARE UPDATE 3: Edited to add picture of Jim Thome. Wowsers!