Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Taco Time the Poor Man’s Taco Bell

F.M. Asshat: “Oh man, what is that man?”
Capt. Trollypants: “Oh I don’t know man, but it looks like Mexi-Fries®.”
F.M. Asshat: “You think so man? You think that’s Mexi-Fries® man?”
Capt. Trollypants: “I don’t know, smell it.”
F.M. Asshat: “It smells like Mexi-Fries®.”
Capt. Trollypants: “You think it's Mexi-Fries® man?”
F.M. Asshat: “I think it’s Mexi-Fries® man, maybe we should taste it.”
Capt. Trollypants: “Yeah man, it tastes like Mexi-Fries.”
F.M. Asshat: "It is Mexi-Fries®."
Capt. Trollypants: “Wow man, good thing we didn’t step in it.”

PupH: Um toolz?
F.M. Asshat: Yes?!
PupH: Mexi-Fries® is TATER TOTS! They have absolutely nothing “Mexi” or “Fries” about them. They are freaking TOTS!