Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Superpowers of PupH, Part 17

39) Levitation – seldom if ever witnessed but remains the only plausible explanation as to how that stick of butter made it from the top of the fridge to PupH’s stomach.

40) Super Density – PupH typically weighs in at a sprightly 32 pounds. However, at night, in a deep slumber, government scientists have recorded his weight as approaching 4 tons.

41) The Vulcan Mind Meld

PupH: *V* GFoH, you don’t really want that last piece of bacon do you!? */V*

GFoH: “Suddenly I no longer want this last piece of bacon. PupH would you care for it?”

PupH: *V* Gregor get off the damn internets and take me for walkies now! */V*

Gregor: “Screw the Net! PupH, walkies?”

PupH: SuckerZ!

(PupH levitates while GFoPupH looks on admiringly)