Wednesday, November 30, 2005

One Thing About Sitemeter

Yeah yeah, we just got the "hos sucking c*ck" hit. And I just insured we're gonna get like 800 more by typing that sentence. What I watned to discuss was the fact that some people actually e-mail their friends Three Bulls! links. I AM JUST DYING TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SAYING.

Is it:

A) "Waste some ATP (that's the cell's energy currency, folks) and click on this douchey link, PZ!"

That would be weird.

B) "Here's that kitten picture you wanted, Editors."

C) "Well, this is all I could find for "hos sucking c*ck" on MSN search. It should be spankable, I guess, Yosef."

Yosef thinks: "I just got sent a link to my own secret blog??? TOTALLY META!!!!!! I wanted porn. Wah wah."

D) ?

What should (D) be, and you can totally blog-whore in comments. Oh great, I just used the word whore. MSN search just can't tell the difference!