Monday, November 28, 2005

On the History of Three Bulls!

In response to an AMAZING joke at LGF:

Oh Jeezus. That one did not just make the brain cell joke. I didn't just read that.


funny story. I'm sitting around with the original three bulls! myself, the nutter and the randroid. so we go to Wendy's and the nutter is kind of a cheap bastard, and the randroid who also happens to be a rich rich bastard (a rich, libertarian randian, shocker!) and the nutter had ordered, what arguably was the smallest kiddie order of fries I have ever seen. seriously, it was like two fries. great value, dude. you saved 17 cents. anyway, the randroid just wouldn't let it go (he's a joke repeater BTW, no such thing as original material, and won't let any sublimity lie, has got to ruin any good joke by killing it). and he keeps asking the nutter "so could there possibly be a smaller size fry than that. seriously, nutter, could there physically be a smaller size. I don't think that's possible. and the nutter finally just loses it and says "jon (the randroid), there IS a smaller size, it's called Jon's penis size."

and that joke has only once been equaled in the history of comedy or even language, and it happened tonight, on LGF, and I bow my head in reverence.

Posted by: Pinko Punko | September 24, 2005 09:42 AM