Thursday, November 03, 2005

Ladies, Germs, and Sherms

Well, one out o' three ain't bad (I'm looking at you, Sherm).

This crappy content-free post will be my last one for a wee bit (week at the most I think). I wish I could say it were due to I.H.o.C.R., but it's more "reality based." I must run a particular Death Race 2000 (3000?) but on the other side I hope to be in the company of the Uncanny Canadian, a digital camera, several shady-looking egg rolls and Geenie C. Hold down the fort. Girls are OK, no Frists though. Three Bulls doesn't like cry babies. Oh man, I wish I had posted that sentence at Republic of Dogs, because I woulda said "Three Bulls doesn't like ***** ******s" because potty mouth is the thing over there.