Sunday, November 27, 2005

In which I emerge briefly from my hidey hole

I know nothing of what Pinko Punko speaks of: my old blogroll is dead -- long live the new blogroll! (Mmmm...pr0n). It's true, though, OJ can be something of a douche, but even after a year of more away from his site, he remains a guilty pleasure. His verbal duel with Rick Perlstein -- Rick motherf***ing Perlstein, bitches! -- which provoked his unhinged comments about witches and Jews, is something to behold, even if it is batshit insane.

I think what I particularly liked about him was the second-hand high of sulfur and brimstone that you get off of him. I mean, for an avowed Christian he is awfully bloodthirsty, and I don't believe I have ever witnessed him turning the other cheek. He has also repeatedly indicated sympathy for Manichaeism, a heresy of the oldest school. I will also note that in an old book review -- of C.S. Lewis's Screwtape Letters, no less -- he admitted that, although he calls himself a Christian, he was never baptized and doesn't attend church. Perhaps the touch of holy water would burn, or the act of crossing the church threshhold produce spontaneous combustion? I think the first act of OJ's reconstituted Inquisition should be to see if he himself does, in fact, weigh the same as a duck.