Saturday, November 26, 2005

Friday Pooper Shooter

MUSIC!!!!!!!!! Courtesy of WOXY....Take it AWAY

1. Step On-Happy Mondays
“You’re twistin’ my melon, man.” ‘nuff said. Pills, Thrills, and Bellyaches unleashed that tinkly piano “club remix” style on the world, but in this case Shaun Ryder is doing his thoroughly debauched, toothless, leering Joe Strummer wheeze on it, and somehow it’s totally sexy. 10/10

2. Watching the Sun Come Up-Ed Harcourt
Kind of in between his register a la Chris Martin (Coldplay), but in a much more muscular way, but not as histrionic like the Muse guy, over a David Bowie “Heroes” type beat, he just doesn’t wring the emotion out of being in between that the Okkervil River guy does. This doesn’t suck, but it’s in between a lot of things and really is none of what I’m comparing it too. Little tiny scraps. 6/10

3. The Police and the Private-The Metric
Interesting organic/electronic backing almost like a much warmer, less stupid Postal Service, but a sing-talky female vocal that I don’t quite get. But an interesting, hypnotic musical outro. 6/10

4. Bottle Rocket-The Go! Team
We already love this song at Three Bulls! In fact it is the Yosef theme song. I dare you to deny the 70s cheesewad power of this horn-fest. He demurs about it, because he finds the harmonica or some such to be wanting. You know he’s kicking with his play Pepsi Challenge booth in his room, daring America to take the Pepsi Challenge. This version of the challenge is more challenging because Yo is wearing tighties and rocking some maracas and a big fruit hat. 10/10

5. …A Velvet Sun-Swell
From the very beginning it sounds like it’s going to be an instrumental. Don’t you get a feeling sometime with songs? In this case I was wrong, but the monotony is similar. Let’s see if it builds. It seems like it might be…maybe not, but it must have some subliminal something going on because I’m not hating it like I feel like I should. Piano breLinkakdown. Would be nice for a CSI doing some sciencey interlude. And that’s not a rip. They’re getting predictable. 6.5/10

6. K-O –Shesus
Ugh. Not for me. Please make it stop. 0/10 I’m going to subsititute Sinead O’Connor w/Karen Finley "Jump in the River (Extended mix)" for that certain grating je ne sais quoi, but something about Karen’s rant is absolutely fascinating, and "Jump in the River" is an awesome tune. I need to dig the vinyl out, but you can read Ms. Finley's piece here. 8/10

7. Pedestal-Portishead
I love Portishead, but this one feels by the numbers, especially the scratching. From their first, Dummy. Arch, trippy 40s sounding slithering through a hip-hop beat, with some intermittent pumping menacing bass underneath the tinny snare and trebly horns. 6/10

8. Suffer Well-Depeche Mode
First 10 seconds are crap, then it picks up, gets a little menacing, which is where they should be, feet firmly on the dance floor a la “It’s No Good”. You really could mix this into "Behind the Wheel/Route 66" on Depeche Mode 101 Revisited. From Playing the Angel. Probably would be better live filtered through the bouncing, aging Gothies and Eurotrash. 6/10

9. Such Great Heights-Iron and Wine
I really can’t stand the Postal Service, so this great take on one of their numbers from hushed neo-Americana genius Sam Beam doesn’t quite escape the worst of Death Cab for Cutie/Postal Service vocalist Ben Gibbard’s bad side. And don’t get me wrong, sometimes I think DCFC can be pretty good, just not in league with DNTEL (Postal Service). 6.9/10

10. Long Arm-The Red Thread
Innocuous. Does not stand out far enough for me to be able to describe it to you. Not bad. 5/10

BONUS in honor of Bobby Lightfoot

11. Making Plans for Nigel-XTC
Not my fave XTC, but you kids might know it because Primus covered it. And since if Bobby knew me, which I’m sure he could guess, he knows I’m more a “Towers of London”/”Senses Working Overtime” kind of guy. “Making Plans…” kind of sounds like a Police song. What?? It totally does! 6/10