Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Pinko Punko-Free Poop Shoot

Now that the cat's away, it is time for me to play. Sounds like one heck of a party last night. Why was I the only one stuck at work all night? Without further ado, I give you the Friday musical roundup

1) Fruit Salad Stains - Clem Snide
I've never really known what to do with Clem Snide. They sometimes have poignant songs that resonate lyrically and musically, and sometimes are just obtuse and unfun. This little ditty from You Were A Diamond makes no sense at all. It has little snipets of words like "Mind your skin - wax paper sticks - to the hard candy shell - and thought bubbles swim". What does that mean? I think it could be deeply profound. Or not. There is nice slow fiddle and guitar in the piece that keeps me feeling melanocholic and the recurring "Break your back - monster truck pull" is surely deep. I guess I do like this song. 7.5/10

2. Burned Out - Beheaded
Beheaded were doing slow core before there was a name for the subgenre. They feature droney picked guitar and hushed lyrics. It is relaxing and ponderous music. The music is a little reminiscent of Iron and Wine, without the country/folksy influence. This particular tune is not one of the best from their self titled album, but it sounds like Beheaded and that's good enough for me. 8/10

3. Someone Something - Spoon
Kill The Moonlight is probably the best Spoon CD out there. This song is a perfect Spoon song. It is fast-paced and has that kind of sinister bass line going on. I don't think the lyrics do much for me, but piano really works in this song. Short and strutty. I love Spoon! 9/10

4. If You Knew - Neko Case
This is one of the better songs from her live CD, The Tigers Have Spoken. It is more fast-paced and less country sounding than some of the other songs. Neko really belts this out, and it's one of the few pieces that prominently features harmonizing and some call and response. I'm not entirely sure what the song is about, but I think it's about a women that uses, lies, and manipulates. Oh. I guess I do know what the song is about. 7/10

5. The Golden Age - Beck
Beck is a genius. I know that I'm the first person to make this statement, so relish in this revelation for a minute. The Golden Age is possibly the most musically accomplished song from Sea Change, an album I adore to no end, but one that gave critics a very mixed feeling. It has everything I like, though: Slide guitar, Radiohead-like bells, and melancholy. Lots of melancholy. This is pretty much as close as Beck gets to country music. It almost reminds me a little of the Allman Brothers at times. Heart heart heart. 10/10

6. Single File - Elliott Smith
I don't really know why, but the songs from the late Elliott Smith's first self titled CD just don't reach out to me the way the middle and later albums do. Single File sounds like Elliott Smith, but just lacks the intensity I expect. There's nice competent guitar work and sweet singing, but the song is a little boring. The chorus is also nothing to write home about. 6.5/10

7. Barnyard - The Beach Boys
This is the bootleg version with the actual Beach Boys doing lovely wordless harmonizing and the occasional moo and baa. It's funny, but without the lyrics later added by Brian Wilson, the song now feels like it is mssing lyrics. At the same time, it allows you to hear the instruments a little better and gives the song a more innocent and playful feel. Regardless. It is SMiLE and therefore priceless. 8.5/10

8. They'll Hang Flags From Cranes Upon My Wedding Day - Ballboy
A beautiful introspective lightly accompanied song by the oh so Scottish Ballboy. I particularly like the picked guitar. It's pretty catchy, but maybe not the best song on Club Anthems. That would be A Day in Space. 7/10

9. The Summer Song - The Chris Stamey Experience
It probably isn't coincidence that Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan made significant contributions to this entire song. The Chris Stamey Experience reminds me a lot of The Minus 5. It is poppy and sunny. This particular track sounds like a song off of the Yo La Tengo subpar CD Summer Sun with more Beach Boys influence. I guess it's pleasant and inoffensive. 6.5/10

10. I Don't Really Love You Anymore - The Magnetic Fields
This song is particularly upbeat for a kind of depressing song. It's basically one big ditty about just being friends. But it has typical and interesting Magnetic Fields instrumentation and sounds great. I just wish it made up its mind about whether I should be bummed or not. 8/10