Wednesday, October 26, 2005

We've Been Condemned to Die!!

Sorry everyone, but s.z. has decided who will live and who will die, and none of us is on the list.

Fear not, my beloved 7 3Bulls! and assorted ruffians and Hatresses, etc.! I have devised a plan to save us all!

Forget the duct tape and plastic sheets. I figure that since gas prices are still so high that the oil platforms in the Gulf are still non-operational. We will commandeer one of these (much in the way that Sealand was created!) and fill the platform to overflowing with Take 5s! Only the 3B! family and friends will truly enjoy the last days as we will be the only ones with the Good candy bars. Make sure to leave a bunch of Big Kats lying around to cause suffering among those who leave us out!


special note to Thorlac: your time is a-comin'!

EARLY UPDATE: at least none of those guys from S,N! were saved!