Monday, October 24, 2005

Today's Dedication To Journamalism Freebeing

Finally, something worth fighting for, besides the Canadian Curling Association and Big Oatmeal. The Poor Man Institute for Freedom, Democracy and a Pony tells us that the journamalism standard bearers The Onion are under attack for use of the Presidential Seal in an unauthorized fashion. (Thanks, General for the heads up). Oh crap, what would happen if we linked to this. Could Three Bulls! be feeling the heat, too? What about.....

Presidential, well kind of...

Seal (definitely)?

Silly rabbit, not that kind of presidential seal, let me show you for demonstration purposes, below is the Presidential Seal of the USA, and its use signifies the President's endorsement of your website. Certainly, the President does not support Three Bulls, hell he gets confused during Lost, the slowest moving TV show in history, he has no idea what Three Bulls! are about. I got this Seal from "I'm A Total Cobag.Com", I'm sure Dub's down with that.