Saturday, October 15, 2005

Three Bulls! Under Surveillance

Forces nebulous and unclarified swarm about Three Bulls! not unlike the Insidious Hordes of Chinese Robots bespoken of yore. As if we couldn't get more meta around here, we just linkied a post that linkied us about I.H.o.C.R. Anyhoo, we have been slacking lately with our commentary of the world. We just can't bring ourselves to do it. For example we can barely muster the energy to think about the atrocities against human thought that constantly lap upon our shores of sanity.

If we really wanted to put on a show for the eyeballs upon Yours Trulies we'd probably just attack someone like Vox Day. An apt description of his self-satisfied writing style would be the narcissism involved with some sort of autoerotic pathology. In essence, Three Bulls! challenges him to deny making love to his reflection. And what a reflection it is. I'm sure it is as supple and masculine as his prose, chiseled, rational, forceful, possibly throbbing.

The man is accomplished. He is self-taught in a language. He can bench press like a mocofobag. I am certain that his equal does not exist upon the face of the earth. He alone of mankind has transcended his physical and genetic bonds, he has perservered, and he may be truly proud of his accomplishments. Why should I attack him? I should praise him to the stars from whence he most truly will return. A flaming scimitar of truth, denying the weak and praising the strong. Also, his blog title is in frigging another language!!!!!!! It's not in Latin though. (Ed. -you just spelling flamed that cofomobag on his blog? Better take a look at your own house, hypocrite. Response: we couldn't help it, it was bugging the crap out of us)

I mean the guy quotes in his arguments. (UPDATE- he does it ALL THE TIME) We'd be dead in the water. Plus he might throb on us. Anyway, I wouldn't pick a fight with anyone just for traffic, he already knows Three Bulls! think he is somewhat of a cobwad, albeit with a probably super tight bottom (am I making you horny teh l4m3? I'm mildly nauseating myself- (no comma Vox, myself is the object, not apositive). Anyway, he's actually very smart, but since he doesn't understand that logic does not shape actual reality and while his statements can have the appearance of logic, he's just a piece of beefcake that knows a lot about stuff, signifying nothing and having no point. Just like the rest of us, however less beefy we may be.

Oh, here's Vox:
But after reading this awesome post------ COBRA ssssssStrike! (I imagine him dropping some serious cobra Fu on unsuspecting victims while making the snake fang gesture, you know the one)-----I will always think of him like this:
Cobra sssssssssssssssssssssssSTRIKE MOTHERF*************


Amanda steps into the fray! We agree with PZ, we certainly expect him to call her a woman, although to up the ante, we expect either "emotional" or "irrational" to enter his vocab, although maybe he'll utilize his bookiemark for, that bad boy's well thumbed. Also, we always thought this one picture at The Poor Man was The Editors, but IT'S ACTUALLY VOX DAY'S ALTER EGO, Theo Beale!! And FINALLY, when we cracked about the flaming scimitar we had no effing idea of this:
I AM IN STITCHES PEOPLE, STITCHES. Read on to learn the true hilarity of this image...