Friday, October 14, 2005

Three Bulls! Sole Goal

is to craft and shape our country's discourse to a more accurate and descriptive plane. Words and phrases should elicit responses of all senses, and the heart and mind should be moved equally. And we are one step closer to that goal tonight. Take dear Larry Johnson, writing at Talking Pants Cafe- he has done much work describing how dastardly the Valerie Plame outing has been, and how damaging to national security, but it was not until this statement that his words struck home for Three Bulls!:
Valerie Plame was still a non-official cover officer in July 2003 when her identity was revealed by colostomy bag Bob Novak.

(Our emphasis) The kids say cobag these days, Larry, but we love the work you are doing, and we love the shout out to Three Bulls! 3B's shippin' Larry Jo 4EVA!! Thanks to Marq for taking the internets over from Sadnogon, we dedicate San Francisco Fleet Week to Marq, and this beef and sausage combo.