Thursday, October 27, 2005

Three Bulls! Grab Bag and Requests

Two things, Norbiz, whom we love, places a Tony Lama wrong for once (probably sad about the Astros, and we feel for him). He rightly talks about terms he can do without, and lots of them are "bloggy", and of course we agree, but he could have added one more thing on his list and that one thing is every single ****ing thing that has to do with the internet. I'm just feeling like the cool kids are two seconds from doing a backlasho on everything they have been pimping for the last whenever. Anyway, we report, you decide.

Secondly, we make a bold predictione. We predict a Checkers speech.
No, sillies, a Checkers speech.
Except, this time, we expect VP Stick "Dick Cheney" Painey to give it and in doing so conveniently have a sympathy-generating stroke. Three Bulls! does not prognosticate because always in motion is the future. We just lay it out for all to see. Also, can everyone that reads this also go here? It is the fafblog, and I would like to attract the attention of Giblets. Even though this will invariably lead to our vaporization via Gibletsian deathray, I would like to challenge Giblets to his version of the Checkers speech. While Giblets is defiant, Giblets knows when to curry favor with the androids that live under the volcano.