Saturday, October 01, 2005

This Has to Be a Joke.

Here at Three Bulls! we are totally anti-Little Green Footballs, the home of racist, cobag, logically-defective sociopaths. Of course they would claim "ad hominem" (an argument against the person, not their ideas). They would be wrong. If somebody says a billion stupid things, then you have every right to expect the next thing they say, unheard, to be along the lines of everything else stupid out of their mouth. Given that one of the symptoms of someone being a cobag is saying LOTS of cobaggy things, it would be wrong to not hypothesize that he/she/it is a cobag.

Our fave cobag at LGF, Iron Fist, is an interesting guy. First, his handle brings to mind some weird, latent psychosexual connotations (we admit, not unlike Three Bulls!- it's the excalmation point that makes us straight). Like some weird gay porn version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. You know "Iron Fist smashes Teflon Bunghole that deflects Ass Rockets that crush Iron Fist."

BUT, today, Iron Fist got his due from Dear Leader. Check this out. Reality is aping cheeto-stained fantasy. The US unleashes Operation Iron Fist against Iraqi insurgents. One can only expect IF's girlfriend 20.0 (he numbers his gal-pals as if they were software releases, which to be honest, they probably are) to be giving it up big time tonight, if she even exists. One can only hope the insurgents aren't using Assrockets, because as we know, Assrockets defeat Iron Fist.