Friday, October 21, 2005

Pinko Serious Voice

In my most serious voice, I urge you to ponder the complete truthfulness of this serious post at Freedom Camp. The topic is of great concern to California voters, but I think is important for all to consider. What is discussed in some elegant and some inelegant terms, is the nature of what public education is and what it should be, and the desire of Republicans to destroy education for all, so that education for some, the same some that already receive it, can be "saved." teh l4m3 will be receiving an award here on Monday, and the least you can do is go to him and give props to his serious side. And please leave a comment for him, so we know you did your homework.

Oh and here is some toasty Arnold for Pam-manda-munds-a-gon! Watch your language, cobags. Geenie Cola has her eye on you, and watch out for trolls, Three Bulls! is infested (I'm sure you guys are used to it).

Serious Pinko out.