Saturday, October 15, 2005

MSN Search, Successfully Leading Our Youth Astray. I Only Wonder What Encarta is Telling Them.

Somebody found that Three Bulls! was the number one result for this search. Yes, friends, that question was "can i be 11 years old and get a job that is safe?", well Three Bulls! says "not if you are wasting your time on internet trash like Three Bulls!" Also, if we do the same search on Google INCLUDING the phrase "Three Bulls" we still don't get us, because somehow there are lots more useful internet answers to the question besides our brand of wisdom. Oh Google, why do you hate us with your accuracy and performance?

Also, I know that these posts are tired and crap, but Three Bulls! are not anything, if not unoriginal, however any chance to point out the delightful suck of MSN should not go unpunished.