Monday, October 17, 2005

Let Us Meditate

...on the Sharon Osbourne-Iron Maiden feud. We have discussed this travesty previously. Considering the malevolence of Ms. Osbourne outlined therein, we felt a deeper analysis was wanting. Now, the transcripts of the notorious Kerrang! interview have been unclassified. We can observe the genius of Ms. Osbourne at work. First she baited her enemy with a preemptive strike, although her enemy appeared to be acting in good faith. Once the situation slipped beyond her control she utilized these events as justification for her original attack. PRICELESS. Too bad this strategy has only ever been observed in obscure beefs of the metal world.

Also, did you guys see that Rover was selling an Ozzfest backstage pass on eBay? Hmmm, I wonder........

PS. It's metal week at Song of the Day and we are taking requests (please no Death Metal).