Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hey Yosef Jr., What's That Sound?

"Oh, Yosefina, that truck done gonna back up to the YoShack. That's what all that *beep* *beep* *beep* done signify. I testify to that on the Holy Bible*."

Three Bulls! took the slow boat to this story, but we thought we should bring it to your attention. For another take on this issue involving La Malkin, please shower some digital attention on Auguste at Malkin(s) Watch. Earlier, we correctly castigated Chazmo from LGF for whining about some such BS concerning the OK suicide bomber. A seemingly depressed and poorly socialized youth detonated a bomb killing himself outside of a Sooner football game. Not only did Spazzy Chazzy decry the lack of attention to the story he posted this:

Jihad at the University of Oklahoma?
The story of the suicide bomber at the University of Oklahoma football stadium, determinedly ignored by mainstream media, is beginning to get interesting: [Gateway Pundit: Sooner Bomber Wanted to Buy Ammonium Nitrate!]

More links:

[ChannelOklahoma.com - News - Hinrichs Tried To Buy Ammonium Nitrate ]
[Gates of Vienna: Jihad at the University of Oklahoma?]
[The Jawa Report: Oklahoma Suicide Bomber May be Jihadi, Father Denies ]
[Lone Star Times: Boomer Sooner]
[We Aren’t Getting the Full Story on the OU Football ‘Suicide Bomber’ - NewsBusters.org]

The links all appear to support some sort of Islamic terrorist connection or related speculation. Boy is that word gonna haunt the proceedings. Ooh, I'm sure Chazmo will rein in the comments when they get out of hand, right? A selection of those later, but first let's see what Chaz has to say after the Wall Street Journal covers blog insanity about the story, in an unfavorable light:
One point to make in response: I advanced no speculative theories at LGF, simply asked legitimate questions based on the information available about this very curious case. Not only that, I deliberately shied away from covering the story in the first couple of days, when the only reports available were from unreliable sources.

Here’s the LGF post cited by the Journal: Jihad at the University of Oklahoma? The question mark is, of course, intended to signify that the story is questionable.

The really fascinating part of the story to me is the almost total lack of interest in the mainstream media.
Chaz, let me pull a Vox Day and offer you the Dictionary.com definition of "speculation"- ha, just kidding. I'm sure we are merely too stupid to realize the incredible subtelty of your punctuation. I now can see that the word "jihad" was only used because those were the Scrabble tiles you were dealt, and the question mark at the end, normally used to IMPLY SPECULATION, here merely indicates that you are doubtful. Of course since you have bandwidth limits, you had to limit your words and in no way make that clear, you only had time to link 4 or 5 other HIGHLY SPECULATIVE stories, followed by 191 or so hysterical and this-or-that mongering comments. So you know what that sound is Yosef, Jr.? That's the sound of Chazmo backing up, and it took a slap from the limp and crooked pages of the Wall Street Journal to do it. I can't wait for PJs media to tank like a mother, we'll all have margaritas and Geenie's gonna put on Scorpions, Cobags!!!

Oh, a selection of choice LGF comments below, I checked the thread, and Chaz never checked in to waggle the anti-speculation finger- apparently nobody else figured the magical ways of the infamous question mark either.
#5 Beagle 10/4/2005 09:17PM PDT

This story is a real test of the mainstream media and the government. If they try to whitewash the Islam out of this crime, as happened in the Oklahoma City bombing, my low level of trust will drop to nothing.

Pretending a problem does not exist is what I expect in the former Soviet Union, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or China, not the United States.
#23 William 10/4/2005 09:28PM PDT

According to the bomber's father, this was not a politically motivated act.
Mohammed Atta Sr. says the same thing about his son, go figure.

#25 Ojoe 10/4/2005 09:29PM PDT

In this country we had better find out a way to legally declare that islam is not a religion, thus stripping it of its undeserved constitutional protection.

Then we need to outlaw it, and vigorously, physically, extripate it from our midst.

Otherwise one of these islamics, even a self-invented one, is going to do us enormous damage.

I think we better do this soon.

#28 Chief Airdale 10/4/2005 09:32PM PDT

IMO he just got buck fever and hit the switch too early. . . he was 100 yds from the stadium. I doubt he was "just" committing suicide. It was his intention to take a whole lotta Sooners with him.

#31 fuzzspinner 10/4/2005 09:34PM PDT

Okay, now I'm scared. I have a daughter who's a geoengineering major at a petrochemical emphacist university with a significant Saudi presence...Help!

#32 Out Of The Inkwell 10/4/2005 09:34PM PDT

Hmm...going by the latest mug shot of Mr. Hinrichs, he looks somewhat like the average Paleswine "Man On The Street (camel path?)"...just another multiculturally enlightened individual deciding to go the ROP route, I guess...what is the background on this guy?...could it be he was just a wee bit ahead of the curve from his other splodeydope pals on campus?... Oh well, unstable chemical compounds will do it every time...and the MSM is exactly where on reporting this?

*the Holy Meatly Bible