Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween Yobags and Yobaggettes etc.!!!

Halloween is the birthday of two of Yosef's children, Yobags 1 and 2 and Yobaggette and Yobagatina! Happy Halloween kiddos! All you cobags, too! If you have a good costume you get some of this:

If your costume sucks or isn't scary enough, this cat will infiltrate your home and use your toothbrush. This pic is from a raid on The Editors. Eat it cobaggos! Dress up in comments! I wonder what kind of candy Freedom Camp, Republic of Dogs, Well Rounded Nerds, Pandagon, and Sadly, No! will be giving out?????

Yumth. Thith tathte Gaviny. Thpt!
UPDATE- lamo costumes get Banana Runts AND the cat-licked toothbrush (res publica and I agree on the Banana Runts- blech!)